Should You Believe Web Hosting Testimonials And Reviews?

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If you are researching any web hosting option you will probably want a bit of guidance so that you choose something that is going to work well for you. Many of us head straight for our computers to search on Google when we want to find out about something. For services or products, there are usually a host of testimonials or reviews to be found which we can have a look at. So it is not surprising then that the same should happen when it comes to searching for web hosting services. And if like many other people you click on these to check, then you may even base your decision on what you find in these reviews.


Can You Rely On These Web Hosting Reviews?


You need to think about this in a logical way; if you were selling a service or product wouldn’t you want to get the most out of it by promoting it? What better way to do this then to make sure there are plenty of positive reviews and testimonials about your product; it makes sense. If you are even the slightest bit web savvy you will realise that anybody can write a review about anything on the web. So if you were in the business to make money, then you would be silly not to actually write a few good reviews about your own product or service. On the other hand if your competitor is doing well you might want to deflate their sales a bit; what better way to do this than writing a scathing review.


So you can see how some of these reviews could actually be written by the web hosting companies themselves or by someone wanting to sabotage them. So when you read these reviews, you need to bear this in mind and discount those which are too positive or too negative.


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