Site Flipping – The Right Way to Do It

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If you’re not too familiar with site flipping, then just know that it’s a great way to make money and not hard to do. As you can easily imagine, people have been engaged in buying and selling websites since the net was born. Once you have everything lined up, you can be in profit within 30 days of making your first website. The best part is you don’t need a big investment to start. If this appeals to you, and why wouldn’t it, then continue reading to discover site flipping tips we’re sure you can use to make money.

5 Minute Membership Sites Review First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that site flipping is also about buying sites cheaply and selling them for a higher price as much as it is about simply selling. You need to know, though, which marketplace to buy from and which market to sell to. When you first establish your business flipping sites, you will encounter lots of different markets, but there are only two that offer excellent results. We are referring to Digitalpoint Forums and The Digitalpoint forums is where you’ll find cheap sites to buy, since most of these sites are undervalued. So your strategy should be – buying sites from Digitalpoint, working on them for a few months and selling them for a higher rate at Flippa, which is the premier marketplace for selling sites.

A fact that you need to remember is the flipping sites is a true business and not a get rich quick scheme.

If treated right, it can be built into a real business. If you are only looking to make a quick buck, then site flipping isn’t for you. You will have to be fully dedicated to it and put in quite a bit of effort and hard work.5 Minute Membership Sites Bonus

Last but not the least; when you’re setting up the buy it now or the BIN price, keep it reasonable. There are a lot of bidders who will just outright buy your site if they like it, and if it’s too high then they won’t do that. The site flippers who do constantly have inflated BIN prices usually have a more difficult time with getting people to bid on their sites – so that is good for you. Also, you never want people to think you’re not experienced or don’t know what’s going on because that is a negative. So before you set up the BIN price, talk to your friends and associates to find out if it’s okay. It is more than possible to make money with flipping sites, and if you don’t know a lot about it then get some education before jumping too far ahead. If you have some familiarity with making sites, then you don’t have a lot more to learn – so be sure to take action as soon as possible. Site flippers make thousands each month, and they have an entire process in place – you can do the same. So what do you do next? Get started and take action just like we said.

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