Some Observations Regarding Mobile Phone Web Design

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Mobile phone web design is an innovative concept that is budding. This is due to the advent of technology. Mobile users are also growing globally. This concept is way beyond mere redirection of an html page in a different language. There are plentiful challenges that are coupled with this novel aspect.

It is projected that around trillion web pages and above were downloaded in the year 2008 alone. This is truly a huge download volume. There are numerous kinds of applications that are accessed by people day after day and the same has transformed swiftly from the earlier game scores and downloads of simple ring tones for mobiles. Social networking sites too are available on mobile phones these days and this has resulted in information being obtained and up linked on the move. The model of usage has experienced a speedy change and is continuously transforming at a spectacular pace.

There also exist a lot of challenges that developers need to confront with in relation to this. The most crucial of the challenges is the wide variety of mobile phones popular in the market. Each model, irrespective of its simplicity or complexity, becomes a challenge to the developer.

The next important challenge is to understand the complexity and problems faced by the user of the mobile phone when trying to navigate between web pages using the small display screen of the phone. Making the mobile phone web design user friendly is truly a challenge.

Normally, two kinds of approaches can be chosen. One is designing the web pages for basic variety of mobiles. The second approach would be finding out the service type that is being requested and thereby serving the same. The latter could be done with an assumption of a single web design at the server level of a single web page.

The most sought after markup language is the Wireless Markup Language with relevance to web designing for mobile phones. Wireless Application Protocol acts as a proxy amid the server and the mobile. This also amends the web page as a result.

The second approach that is also more logical is to take benefit of the newer phone browsers that send the phone capabilities to the site server. The content from the server can together dynamically or otherwise be modified and tailored to meet this and the request is serviced.

Whichever is the approach taken, the truth concerning mobile website design is far more complex than the simple html design, and the same requires specialized insight.


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