Stay Away From These SEO Snafu’s

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Search engine optimization has become an important part of any online marketing campaign these days because of the traffic you can drive for free. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on traffic to your site just because you are not optimizing. If you want to avoid making common SEO mistakes read on.

Even if this is your first attempt at optimization you need to use more than just pictures in you site menus and headings. They feel that images help their site get a more professional look and create a more positive impression on the visitors. But since search engines cannot read images, using them at vital places such as headline can be a drawback for you. The search engine spiders are on the lookout for text based content that they can read and index. When you keep your headings in images, you won’t be able to impress the search engines with the useful tags such as the h1, h2, and h3 tags. You should strive to give customers what they are looking for and this is one way to accomplish that. The reason search engines value these tags is because they’re constantly looking for elements that they think will be useful for the targeted users. Ranking your website is a complicated process that you can make simpler for the search engines. A more appealing headline can be achieved even without using images. Headlines are not the best area to put images.

The second SEO mistake that webmasters make is they don’t focus on crafting out an effective title tag of their website. Remember, the search engines look at the title when they display your website in their results, so it’s a mistake to assume that your title tag is irrelevant. The fact is, some websites that don’t appear to be very well optimized have a high ranking, and this is often for the very reason that their primary keyword appears in their title tag. You should also have a title for your site for the sake of your visitors and the image it conveys. Having a title tag with your keyword is not something that is difficult to create. You should use a brief and concise title tag, not a long one. You are able to use two keywords in the title, so you can target more than one.

The third mistake to steer clear of when outsourcing your SEO make sure to choose the right company. There are a number of search engine optimization companies out there, but selecting the right one is important. You don’t want to partner with a company that indulges in blackhat SEO practices, because directly or indirectly that’s going to affect your site, and the last thing you want is getting banned. So be specific what you are looking for when choosing these companies. One way to check the validity of your outsource company is to follow up on references.

Be careful to recognize the importance of your keywords and SEO to search engine rankings.

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