Stay Away From Traffic Scams

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Promises of “guaranteed traffic” are made by a lot of promotions these days.   Don’t be one of the many business enterprise owners or cyberspace marketers who get tempted by offers of “guaranteed” traffic for one very low price. A traffic scam is more likely the truth.

Thousands of visitors or more are sent from these companies weekly to your website, without you getting a single subscriber or even fashioning a single sale for your internet marketing online efforts

Exactly what is going on is what you are probably wondering. A lot of the traffic is generated by pop up windows appearing on other web sites . Your website is loaded into a pop up window. So, somebody may be surfing the net and your website pops up beneath the site he or she is searching for. Basically this results in having your website sent out to thousands of untargeted customers and more then likely not going to be your customers. The key to success in list building is creating a list of TARGETED customers.

Targeted customers are customers that are interested in your topic and will most likely be interested in buying your product or products.

Targeted customers have, in some way, offered their info (email address) and by doing so have shown that they are interested in one of your products. Let’s say you sell woman’s exercise clothing.  You definitely want to create a targeted list of consumers, in general women, interested in buying woman’s exercise wear through internet marketing online.

Building a list of customers not targeted towards your specific niche, unfortunately your business won’t be going anywhere. Customers who are not interested in your niche, will not be buying anything because they are not targeted, and Traffic generating popups will just be a hassle to most people.

You also don’t need to be paying your email autoresponder software company your hard earned money for a useless list.

In concluding be thrifty where you drop your money and who you are going to trust.


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