Straightforward Web Marketing for Online Success

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Internet marketing has become tremendously popular during the last 10 years, and of course the economy is one reason for this phenomenon. So we’ll just jump right into discussion about several online marketing approaches that we feel will be of good use to you.

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The role that good content plays in internet marketing cannot be ignored. You’ll need to have compelling content to keep traffic on your site and also hopefully to return, as well. Guest writing is an approach that has not been used by many marketers. Blogs need content all the time, and it’s possible to find blogs in your niche that will accept your writing and give you credit for the piece. You can easily do this and build credibility as well as generate some traffic to your own sites. The main reason people don’t really go for guest blogging is because they think it’s only reserved for the top experts in the industry, which is not true. If you go out there and Google the term “guest blogging”, you’ll find many blogs that are more than willing to publish your post, if it offers something interesting and unique. You can do something like this and immediately have a large audience for yourself. If you make an effort to land a guest blog in your own niche, then you can get hundreds or more in targeted traffic to your site. Also, it’s cool because you do not have to anything like a copywriter or professional freelance writer. If you can write a good and coherent 500 word article, then it’s something you can easily do. When you go through this process, you’ll realize the power of funneling in traffic from various blogs to your own site. The second strategy we’ll cover is social bookmarking. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites, and you can use them for traffic or SEO purposes. They will help you in two ways: by helping you get direct traffic that is highly targeted and assist you in building backlinks to your site, which will boost your search engine rankings and eventually get you more visitors.

Another method used by many marketers is to build small blogs at and other places because they can rank well for the longer tail keyword phrases. The way you make money is buy putting links or banner ads on those blogs to send traffic to your offers, etc. The small niche blogs are hosted with authority sites such as, and then those small blogs will be able to rank fairly easily for certain types of keyword phrases.

All in all, the strategies that we discussed above can absolutely boost the response you get from your Internet marketing efforts. For the best success, use one strategy at a time so you don’t take things too quickly.


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