Targeted Traffic the Local SEO Way

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If you own a local business with a website, you really want people to be able to find you through the search engines. We will now share with you some proven search engine optimization practices that will get you higher rankings in the local listings.

As a local SEO marketer, you should learn to control targeted information across the web. This forms as a big part of local SEO because when you obtain information for other websites, it gives you the edge. There are aggregation services targeted towards local listings that go through the whole of the Internet to discover reviews, pictures and any little information that they can list about your company. You can submit your company’s information to these aggregators (infoUSA and Localeze are two of them). You will, of course, have to be cautious about a few things when you do this. If you find something that is wrong about your business you risk having that information published in your local listing. It is important that, when this happens, you attempt to get the information corrected by the original source. Because it can take time to make this happen you need to be prepared to wait for the fixes to be aggregated to the local sites.

You need to have multiple landing pages for different locations. For local listings, don’t try to create more than one targeted listing for a single business, though if there are several locations there’s nothing wrong with targeting each separate location. In this case, however, you should have a separate landing page for every location that is about that unique location. You don’t want to have multiple local listings pointing at the same landing page or the site’s main page, as this would make things unclear. You don’t want your target audience to get confused in any way, which is why having a dedicated landing page will take you a long way. This is one of those seemingly small points that can make a real difference.

You should also try to list your business with all of the Yellow Pages and like directories online., and are all great directories to start out with. A notable thing here is that gets lots of local searches every month, over 100 million and the best part is that they offer free online listing. funnels its business listings to the bigger sites like and MSN. It is free to list with them but the listing is basic.

In summary, these local SEO techniques can be very effective in bringing you more quality traffic. If you keep these ideas in mind, you can start getting more local traffic very soon.

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