The 5 top tips for Writing Web Content

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Calgary Web design (or Web design anywhere in the world) can only be justified by containing relevent material – more precisely, high quality copywriting . Most clients are asked to provide their own content, as no one else knows the unique character and scope of their Calgary business . If you are thinking about either writing copy for your Calgary Website, or are looking to become a web copywriter, you will need to consider these five tips to be successful online .

  1. Be Dynamic and Direct – the Web is a fast moving river and its readers are travelling at that speed too . That means you have to be direct as possible, but still convey your message with an attractive edge . An average webpage has less than 8 seconds to attract and keep a reader . Don’t try to sell as much as focus on facts, clear descriptions and directions on where to buy.
  2. Web content always involves search engine optimization techniques . So, get a basic understanding of SEO and its techniques and apply them when you write . Even if you don’t want anyone to find your site on the WWW, you still need to know some techniques to block search engines from finding your site. Since search engines mimic what people search for, they love relevant, genuine content. So within that content we need to add in researched keywords and search terms that the search engines show in their database findings.
  3. Your Web content also needs strong focus on headings and titles .  Try to land between descriptive and dramatic, where you entice the reader, while also providing them with an informative summary of what is on the page . Incorporate your keywords into these headings as these are also important in your SEO results .  Consider asking a question in your page heading, with the answer in your content. Most web users are searching for an answer, which means they will more readily relate to a question and answer format.
  4. One tried and true format for Web copy is bulleted lists. As web readers scan content, they will be drawn to the easy-to-read, punctuated text such as bulleted lists and smaller, concise paragraphs . Keep your page content on one single point or topic – it keeps the viewers interest, gets to the point and helps your optimization efforts .
  5. While written content is still king, video clips are quickly becoming as viable for content distribution. If you have a presentation or sales pitch that you often do in person, put it on a short, branded video, post it on and then embed it into your webpage, along with supporting, focused written content, of course . Video adds value (as long as it has equal quality in production and content as the rest of your site) and it is a standalone marketing tool as it can be published separately in video directories like YouTube .
  6. Bonus Tip (since you stayed with me to this point) – text links are important in building search engine friendly links within your website . Then make sure that any link coming to your website pages is a text link that is made up of your keyword and use a link that will not change in the future, so the link stays valid . This bonus tip can make or break your search engine rankings as it greatly determines the popularity of your website for that keyword .

These tips provide the basis of strong, effective Web writing. Since we only have seconds to get and keep a Web visitor’s attention, it is critical to start off all content with these tips in mind. Good luck and happy writing!

Lucas Arnatt is the Creative Director of BlindDrop Media Group and has been producing Web sites and providing Calgary Web Copywriting services since 1997. BlindDrop serves many local Cochrane and Calgary businesses and organizations. BlindDrop offers a wide variety of services that include Calgary Web design (and SEO), Graphic Design and Photography.


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