The Facts About Porcelain and Powell Craft Collections

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All porcelain, including Powell Craft porcelain, is made by heating raw materials like clay in a kiln at high temperatures – between 1200 and 1400 degrees Celsius. When amalgamated with water these raw materials from a pliant body that can be moulded to the desired shape before firing in a kiln.

Porcelain is known for its strength and translucence, which comes from the formation of glass and a mineral known as mullite that both form when the porcelain is fired at such high temperatures.

The name porcelain comes from an Italian word ‘porcellana’ meaning cowrie shell. It got this name due to its resemblance to the sheer surface of the shell. In some English-speaking countries porcelain is often called ‘china’ as China was actually the original place of origin of porcelain making .

Porcelain is now made all over the world, by lots of different companies , each with their own identifying(a) style , but it is generally synonymous with England. even though porcelain is commonly known for being hard, strong and white it can be glazed and artificially coloured to create different designs and styles.

Powell Craft makes three different porcelain ranges , each in a different style and colour – the Blue Rose collection , the Red Rose collection and the Dingley Dell range .

Powell Craft Blue Rose porcelain is a collection of white porcelain with a blue rose motif adorning each item . pieces in the collection include plates, bowls, jugs, teapots, trays, fruit bowls, candle holders, egg cups, coffee pots, cups and saucers, mugs, tureens and cake stands.

The Powell Craft Red Rose collection is similar to the Blue Rose but of course has a red rose motif adorning the white glazed porcelain.

The Dingley Dell range is rather different to the other two collections. It is an exquisite collection of white porcelain decorated with a delicate pale green and pink floral motif . There are fewer items to collect from this range but they include cups and saucers, mugs, plates, bowls, teapots, cake stands and egg cups.

Porcelain became popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries when it was first imported from China before being manufactured in England in the 18th century, and remains popular to this day . It is associated with the finer things in life and when the porcelain or ‘china’ cups are used for tea it is commonly on a special occasion.

Many people collect porcelain because they admire the designs and usually like to collect complete matching sets. Powell Craft porcelain has become very popular recently and is now available to buy on the internet as it can be safely shipped to its destination without risk of breakages . With three different collections to chose from some people end up wanting them all!

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