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Have you ever wondered what is most usually discussed topic on the internet forums about deals like Satellite TV on PC?

It is precisely whether Internet TV on PC is a real deal or not ?

There are many people on the web forum that claim how such softwares may not be legitimate. Let’s  look at this at a deeper level  . For example, there are many Louis Vuitton bags in the market,  some are authentic and some are imitations . Therefore, very much depends on which version of the bag one has bought. Similarly , there are many softwares in the market that purport to stream satellite TV channels onto the PC. Some are free and some require a small fee to be paid . One has to be very heedful here.   Undoubtedly many softwares may not deliver what they promise  … the internet is full of scams in many aspects. However, they are also some valid and legitimate companies that have expended substantial sum of capital to develop  such a software that  legitimately   allows the  customers to indulge in thousands of TV channels  all over the world  . They guarantee that there is no hacking or cracking involved. As an expression of their authenticity , they  normally   provide a 100% money back guarantee for all purchases of their Internet TV on PC softwares.

Let’s turn to  look into the definition  of “scam”.  “Scam is defined as follows:

       A confidence trick, confidence game, or con for short (also known as a scam) is an attempt to purposely misdirect a person or persons (known as the mark) usually with the goal of financial or other gain. The confidence trickster, con man, scam artist or con artist often works with an accomplice named the shill, who tries to encourage the mark by pretending to believe the trickster. …

       A ploy by a shyster to raise money.

       a fraudulent business scheme


                               Let us go on to study the definition of “Fraud”:

fraud (frôd) n.

There are 4 definitions of fraud that apply to the situations we describe:

  1. A deception practiced in order to secure inequitable or unlawful gain.
  2. any act, expression, omission, or concealment that deceives another to his or her disadvantage; specifically, it is:
    • a misrepresentation, omission or concealment of some fact material to a transaction; and
    • it is made with knowledge (or the reasonable prospect that the perpetrator should know) that it is fake or is made in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity and
    • with the intent to deceive another and
    • that is reasonably relied on by the other who is injured

 In view of the above  , it would be  tough to conclusively say  that many of the softwares out there are “scams” for  the reasons as follows  :-

  1. many of the softwares are legal (no hacking or cracking involved);
  2. they usually deliver what they promise i.e. clients are able to watch thousands of TV channels worldwide  with top quality pictures;
  3. there is no intent to deceive or mislead with the goal of a financial gain for the simple reason that if the customer is not happy  with the software, the customer may within a fairly long period (usually 30 to 60 days) ask for a 100% money back guarantee, which refund  in most cases will be given , thereby negating any form of intention to defraud nor any monetary gains on the part of the seller. The unsatisfied customer walks away with no financial loss whatsoever.

Given such promises and safety net , it would be very difficult to conclude  that such softwares are scams as afterall one gets his or her money back in the event of non-satisfaction with the product.

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