The New Motorola Droid 2

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Although the Droid was a ground-breaking smart phone that revolutionized the cell phone industry, it does not compare to its newly released, updated version the Droid 2. With an improved keyboard, 1GHz processor, and PC-like abilities, users will love the sleek design and fast processing speeds. With the wide variety of accessories for the new device, it is not only going to be well protected but it is one of the best equipped smart phones yet.

The Droid 2 is one of the newest phones on the Updated version of the amazing cell phone OS the Android. Not only does it feature a QWERTY keyboard this smart phone has many other PC like abilities, such as speed. This Droid model features a 1GHz processor, the Adobe Flash Player 10, and can be used as a mobile hotspot. Users of the Droid 2 will also enjoy 512 MB of RAM and 8MB of storage, which can be added to, if users find themselves needing more storage.

There are a few features that make the Droid 2 superior to the original Droid. The first most noticeable is the improved QWERTY keyboard. This model still features a four-row keyboard, except that the keyboard equipped on the Droid 2 has larger, raised keys. These keys have a bit more give, which makes it easier for users to type accurately at higher speeds. Another upgrade is the processor and the amount of RAM. The Droid 2 features a 1 GHz processor, while the original Droid has a 550MHz processor. The Droid 2 also has twice the amount of RAM, which means that this model is twice as fast.

Battery life is another important aspect of the Motorola Droid 2. Many Droid users complained that their phone’s battery life left much to be desired. The Droid 2 allows users an estimated 9.6 hours of talk time or 13.1 hours of standby, while the Droid only offered 6.4 hours of talk time or 11.3 hours of standby. The increased battery life means that users will have to charge their phone less frequently and will not be stuck with a dead phone as often. The last exciting upgrade included in the Droid 2 is the option of transforming your phone into a mobile hotspot. For an additional $20 a month, users can activate the Wi-Fi hotspot option and connect up to five PCs and other devices, like game consoles, to their phone’s Wi-Fi.

After purchasing a new Droid, many consumers begin to consider their options in Motorola Droid 2 accessories. Fortunately, Droid 2 users have a wide variety of options. Usually the first set of accessories that many customers purchase are a case and a screen protector. Because accidental damage always tends to happen, these accessories will help protect your phone. Because the Droid 2 is such an advanced mobile phone, it is expensive to replace, even for those that obtain insurance. Protecting your phone in advance may help you avoid having to replace it in the future. After finding a suitable case and screen protector, consumers may then want to consider a Motorola Droid 2 holster. A holster will help users secure their phone onto their belt or other apparel, keeping it both safe and easily accessible.

There are many other accessories that Droid 2 users can enjoy, including additional Motorola Droid 2 chargers, media stations, Bluetooth headsets, and even navigation systems. These allow users to transform their Droid 2 into a multi-use device, instead of just a mobile phone. Although many of these accessories are fun to use, they are optional and it is really up to the user if they decide to use them. The Motorola Droid 2 is an innovative phone that allows users to make phone calls, send text messages, surf the web, and run multiple applications with ease.


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