The Process of Interview

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Facing the employer during an interview is very stressful.Even for those people who frequently hunting for a job and have been into many interviews. Job interview is a process where a potential employee is being evaluated by the employer for a prospect job for the company, firm or organization. During the process, the employer will assess as to whether or not the applicant will get the job. Aside from the credentials which you have submitted and evaluated prior to the interview, the employer would still want to see you personally for formality. During job interview, the applicant is expected to wear business attire outfits such as a suit on mens shirts, or a skirt or pants dress for the ladies. The best known option to wear during interview is the custom made shirts. These custom made shirts for men and pants dress for women give them a smart professional look.


It is even more stressful if during interview you are expected to talk and eat at the same time. There is a reason why employers take job candidates out for lunch or dinner this is to assess their social skills and to check whether they can handle themselves gracefully under pressure.


The decision of the employer as to whether she or he has to employ the applicant is after the the formal interview itself. It is also preceded by an evaluation from the credentials submitted, and then the selection of small number of candidates for interview. Job interview is considered to a useful tool for the evaluation of potential employees. It also allows the candidate to assess the company and demands of the job.


Once the candidates have been interviewed, the employer can select the most desirable candidate and from there they can start negotiating about the job offer.




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