The Quantum vs. the iPhone4

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The LG Quantum was released less than a week ago on the 15th of November by media and tech giant LG, yet it has already garnered a flood of attention from offline and online users interested in how this new smart phone stacks up to the already expansive range of smart phones offered in the United States, including the iPhone4 by Apple. The LG Quantum is designed as a middle of the road smart phone, which means it is not meant to directly compete with high end phones such as the iPhone4. Nonetheless, people are curious about how the two phones compare, and the short comparison is that while the iPhone4 offers more features than the LG Quantum, it also costs more, which may or may not justify purchasing it over the Quantum.

The first thing customers will compare is how much it will cost you to purchase one of these bad boys. The LG Quantum is available on the AT & T network, and if you take advantage of every rebate and discount offered by AT & T and LG, you can have the phone in your hands for a two year contract for the price of $200.

In comparison, if you want to bring the iPhone4 home, you will either have to fork over $200 on contract if you want it with 16 GB of internal storage or you will have to pay $300 on contract if you want it with 32 GB of storage. If you buy the 16 GB version, the iPhone4 actually costs the same as the LG Quantum, which also comes with 16 GB of memory in its default configuration. Therefore, if memory is the only thing that’s important to you, you will probably want to go with the iPhone4, since it offers additional features the LG Quantum just can’t compete with.

However, if you don’t want to use the iPhone4 or if you aren’t a fan of the iPhone’s operating system, iOS 4, you will be better suited with the LG Quantum no matter what. If you buy it, the Quantum comes with a lower resolution screen compared to that of an iPhone4. The iPhone4′s touch screen display is 3.5 inches in size and comes with a whopping 960 x 640 resolution that few, if any, other smart phones currently on the market can compete with. In comparison, the LG Quantum comes with a 3.5 inch display, but the resolution it offers is not nearly as high as that of the iPhone4.

Both smart phones come with a healthy set of accessories provided by their respective manufacturers and 3rd party retailers both on and off the internet. With the LG Quantum, LG Quantum accessories are likely to be cheaper, that is because Apple products are usually a bit more expensive. You can buy an LG Quantum case, LG Quantum chargers, extra batteries, screen protectors, as well as many other accessories that will enhance your productivity and ability to work and play while you are on the road.

In summary, the Quantum comes second best to the iPhone4, but then again all other smart phones do too, especially because the iphone4 is the most popular phone on the market. That said, there are a number of good points to the LG Quantum, and it is not surprising that a number of people might find it more desirable than the iPhone4, especially since most of the accessories you will find for the Quantum are a lot cheaper than to those of an iPhone4.


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