The Super Six Tried And True SEO Services

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Search engine optimization is a tricky subject for new site owners There are a plethora of seo services to choose from, so how do you know which one to choose? This page will take a look at 6 available services that have recently been used. This page will go through directory submission, blog posting, lens creation, article submission, social bookmarking, and forum posting.

Squidoo lenses allow you to create pages on a free to use website known as squidoo. These pages can host pictures, link to youtube videos, display advertisements, and most importantly, link back to your website. Lenses are good because you can write your content in a way that persuades the visitor to click through to your site. These links do not cost anything to maintain or make, which leaves only the cost of setup by the search engine optimization organization.

Directories are collections of websites that are reviewed by editors and placed in a search engine type format. Directory submission will increase back links and may even drive more traffic to your home page.

Submitting articles to article directories simply consists of writing an article and posting it to the article directory. The article site gets free content from you, and in return you can link from the article back to your website.

Blog posting consists of making relevant posts on blogs similar to your website with a link back to your website in the post. The key is to make a post that the web master will accept and allow to post on his blog. For example, making a post about Minneapolis seo will most likely be accepted on a seo blog.

Forum posting is exactly what you think it is. Making comments and threads in on topic forums is what this seo service is all about. Posting on forums can get you a link from both your signature and the content of the post. Posting in forums as a link creation strategy is also a good way to increase traffic.

Creating accounts with social book marking websites and adding a link back to your website is what the social bookmarking strategy is all about. This is a quick and easy way to build back links to your website. Direct traffic increases will probably not be seen from this tactic.

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