The Way to Tie a Windsor knot

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There are six different knots for a tie.  The Windsor, half Windsor, small knot, four-in-hand, Prince Albert, and bow tie.   For those who wanted to be very formal, Windsor knot is the perfect choice for you. 

 The Duke of Windsor named Edward VIII was believed to be falsely named after him, as the Windsor knot.   The Duke did not actually use this kind of knot, however he was just fond of making a thick tie knots by using the basic “four-in-hand” technique, which is used for informal attires with the mens shirts. The Duke just uses a thicker fabric and specially tailored custom made shirts to perfectly match the very thick knots.

The Windsor knot or the full Windsor or double Windsor is a knot that is commonly used in formal occasions and is best worn in a cut away mens shirts collar.  The first step in doing the Windsor knot is to place the collar around the collar and cross it over with the wider side on top of the narrow ones. Wrap the wider end part around and make a loop with the wider ones on top. Pull the narrow end downwards, and then twist the wider part over the narrow end. Now make a loop again by bringing back the wider end over the loop you made previously. Pull the narrower tie again and cover it with a wider end of the tie passing it behind the knot and tuck it through the loop pull it back down. Finally, tighten the loop by carefully pulling the wider end of the tie.

The advantage of using the Windsor knot is its symmetrical look with the custom made shirts or any dress shirts with a wider cut-away collar. The wider and thicker ties are the best material to be used when using this knot.


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