The Xerox Phaser 6350 – A Fast, High-Quality Color Printer You Can Depend On

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Quality performance to meet various productivity needs is what the Xerox Phaser 6350 Printer can do. With a single push of a button, installation is done quickly. This enables you to get to your printing jobs in no time. Within it is today’s fastest processor, allowing for better performance. And when combined with the Xerox Phaser 6350 ink and toner, you will get vivid and professional-grade prints that are sure to please.

In only 10 seconds, the first page is churned out because of the 800-MHz processor within it. Undeniably fast, printing is done right away, whether it involves simple or intricate documents. When in its power-saving mode, the Instant Wakeup feature can make the 6350 ready to work almost instantly.

There are plenty more time-saving features available. For instance, by simply pressing a button on the printer, it installs itself onto the network in as little as 3 minutes. Getting you back on track right away when there is a problem is easy with troubleshooting features. Through the PhaserSMART and CentreWare IS features, it’s possible to do online troubleshooting by means of a desktop PC.

A max of 2400 dpi (dots per inch) easily lets you enjoy lively colors and superb details in each printout. Such is applicable for black and white documents or those with colored fonts, images or graphics. A max paper size of 8.5″ x 14″ (legal) can be worked on compatibly. There are as many as 5 trays possible, taking the max paper capacity up to 2,350 sheets.

It’s highly important to save on costs these days, including production costs. Fret not as this piece of Xerox office equipment carries some features that allow for cartridge and toner cost reduction. For instance, there’s the Toner Saving Mode which is suitable for printing drafts documents. Likewise, there’s also the Usage Analysis Tool which allows administrators to collect and analyze print job data from various workstations in the network.

When printing important documents with color requirements, there are features which let you have professional-looking output. In-line Color and Registration Calibration features maintain that color on every page remains consistent and accurate. Driver Color Control ensures that the colors you see on your PC’s monitor are closely reproduced by the printer. Additionally, Photo Mode allows for colored prints that are rich and with a glossy finish.

The hard disk space available is up to 20 GB for meeting productivity requirements. Additionally, there’s a huge memory to back it up, amounting to 1 GB. Fonts available are True Adobe Postscript 3 (137) and PCL5c (81). The Smart Tray feature displays printer status, paper tray status and other real-time data to the computer’s monitor.

There are multiple features aimed at enhancing productivity. This is because Xerox understands that efficiency is an important aspect of just about any workspace. For instance, there’s an automated two-sided page printing which saves you the trouble of reloading a page when working with front and back printing. Run Black allows the printing to continue if the color toners are used up, automatically switching to black and white.

There’s also the Secure Print, which requires the user to enter a password prior to printing documents that are confidential. With all these features available, the Xerox Phaser 6350 Printer can easily catch up, no matter the productivity requirements. Plus, the Xerox Phaser 6350 laser toners does so without compromising quality output and speedy operation.


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