Time and effort needed to prepare a good CV.

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Time and effort needed to prepare a good CV.

Employers don’t want you to know the following three secrets regarding the preparation of a professional CV. Increasing the success of your applications and getting more interviews might be the result if you bear them in mind. See how to improve your existing resume within a matter of hours when you apply these secrets.

Professional Secret No.1: Little more than 30 seconds browsing your application will be spent by a prospective Employer. Why you ask? Because in today’s economic climate they receive dozens of candidates for every position. Therefore they make snap decisions about who might be suitable without having read them through properly, merely to get through them all.

I understand that this can extremely frustrating. Any Employer expects to receive a carefully written and presented CV for any position he has available. The preparation of a satisfactory CV entails several redrafts and a lot of time.A cursory 30 second glance at what has taken you hours to prepare seems hardly fair! Unfortunately though this is the state of the job market today.

Here is the second professional secret: Employers use perhaps only 1 or 2 criteria to decide whether you’re a suitable candidate without even reading the complete CV. The skills and personal profile sections of the CV form the basis of the Employer’s criteria. What is the reason for this? A few concise lines summarising the candidates experience in a well written CV should be available within the personal profile.

This is frustrating. How can you compress an entire career and work history into just a few lines?. However, if you want an interview, you have to play by the rules the Employers set, which after all, they are in a position to make. Hence the only solution is to learn how to meet their requirements and hope they pay attention.

The third professional CV secret is this: Whether you are suitable can depend solely on the look of your CV. If the Employer decides the CV isn’t good enough, he probably won’t even read it. The simple dislike of the font or the formatting is sufficient to make them disregard someone’s CV

Spending time and effort in finding out what Employers like is the only solution. Several versions of your CV are probably required and working out which one gets the best response. The alternative after all is sending out countless copies of the same ineffective document. You can write a truly professional CV if you take the time and effort to work out what Employers prefer.


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