Tips on Travelling

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Travelling is not just merely organizing your itinerary, but also preparing your clothing and documents needed for the journey. The first thing that you need to do is secure a list of things which you will be bringing. The best rule to consider is to go for a lightweight material, to minimize the chances of paying extra charges for your overweight baggage fee from the airport. The costs of the charges are even higher than the amount of the content. So you need to be extra careful on what stuffs to bring.


It is a good idea to set a rule in your luggage, like “no more than 10 clothes”. In this way you can properly select few good clothes from the wardrobe. The best few things that a traveler should bring is a set of custom made shirts or mens shirts and skirt or slacks for women, a pair of shoes, and some casual wear. Always count the number of clothes you stuck into your suitcase, and stick to the rule. Bringing a set of custom made shirts or skirts are a great idea if you are not familiar with the place that you are going to. You will be wasting much time looking for a garments shop specialized for such like mens shirts. You can cut down the number of casual wear as this is the easiest clothes to buy in a shopping mall.


Do not bring your entire closet personal hygiene stuffs, except for a deodorant, comb, shave and brush.


Things like a toothpaste, soap, and shampoo should be brought upon arriving to your destination. In case you will be sick, you need to bring few over-the-counter medicines.


These are the only few important matter needed for a light luggage. Another reason for this is when arriving to the place, chances are you will be buying stuffs to carry back home. This in turn will make your luggage really full. So again, go for light clothing to avoid trouble at the airport.


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