Toshiba goes doel screen with new tablet

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The accompany unveiled a mini – Netb×ok new, which is based on a powerful processor, is based on Windows 7. computing device laptop’s performance capabilities – Dimensions of MID 

Toshiba Libretto introduced the W100, a laptop with two screens, seven-inch size, are closed into each other. Computer named W100, a equivalent design to the Courier, tablet Microsoft, whose development was discontinued. 

I myself bought an ipad just a few weeks ago but possibly this device can work great for my job at new york towing it’s the kind of device we can take to our    Roadside Services  and especially help us durring    compare towing price  on the road.

The uniqueness of this design is the ability to full integration between the screens. This feature allows to build a very friendly user interface, wherever you can drag and transfer files and display monitor, keyboard and make more of them. 

Lists a tiny body 

PC-W100 will be based on Windows 7 operating system, and a U5400 processor from Intel – Processor Two – a strong and efficient core, with a speed of 1.2 GHz. Be a two gigabyte memory, SSD hard drive type, with a capacity of 62 GB. A pair of screens are LED screens is 1024 700 pixels. 

Liberty also will be new Webcam, Integrated Card Reader, Tilt meter, full connectivity (including optional wireless connection), and more. Weights and measures (812 grams) remind MID devices – a category designed mainly user computing stage business, standing between smart phone and netbook – and achieved great success. 

Weaknesses: battery marketing 

Specification that can allow a very impressive performance small-scale computer, but its battery life quite short – trinity hours, and that figure can not allow real match with other Tablet PCs netbooks long their battery which allows greater freedom to the user. 

 Computer launched to mark 25 years since they started the Division of Toshiba laptops. Marketing computer will be very limited – even amounts and distribution zones. Although many users look at computers as accessories – up-to-dateness, but Toshiba’s name is not perceived as a symbolization of significant technical fashion, like Apple for example. 

From this, it is difficult to estimate how many fans of gadgets will acquire the the e-W100 collectors item (the price is potential to brand U.S. $ 1100). 

If you choose to market your company more standardized manner, it may be an interesting competitor tablet market, which is expected to expand. Pricing may be too little too expensive for customers tablet likely. 



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