Trade Your Used CDs for Brand new Songs

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In today’s economic climate, with lots of individuals out of work or short on money, buying your favored band’s new record can feel more like a extravagance. But for those of us who are music addicts and have to have a new supply regularly, there is a remedy: deal your used CDs in, and use the cash value to buy new or used CDs you don’t have yet! 

Bartering is a concept that is ages old, and in difficult monetary times where cash flow runs short, bartering comes back to the forefront. Even on websites like Craigslist, more individuals are looking to trade what they have for what you have, no money exchanged. Other websites are more lenient by permitting individuals to trade when cash becomes very limited. 

One web page that uses the concept of bartering is known as You can “sell” them your used CDs at a fair cash value, and they give you instant credit rating. In the same session, you can use the credit rating to buy a new or used item from the web pages inventory. For the acquisition of three or more items, the company will send you a return shipping label so you do not have to pay for the shipping when you send them your used CDs. If you sell enough of your used CDs, you can earn enough credit to totally pay for your order – which means you just bartered old music for new, cash-free. If you desire to generate more credits all you have to do is to purchase used CDs. You can do the same with second-hand DVDs and video games; buys (and sells) all of it. And if you do not find something in their selection that you want, you can save your credit for later, or even cash it out. 

The idea behind buying and selling is that everything has worth, not just money; how much worth one thing has is basically a matter of perception – it’s worth what the other guy thinks it’s worth. Your used CDs may not hold that much worth from your point of view but you need to think about the thought about that CD being useful to someone else. What you are witnessing is the actual ability of trading whether your doing it directly or online. Based on the number of interested individuals and its accessibility the value of your used CD may vary at times. Whether it’s worth a lot or a little – it’s worth one thing to somebody. 

So if you’re needing new songs and think you can’t afford it – think once more. Trading your used CDs for fresh music may boost your buying power.


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