Usable and Effective Twitter Marketing Techniques

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Twitter is a thriving community consisting of millions of members spread around various niche markets. In this article we will share with you some Twitter marketing tips that will allow you to use this platform for your business.

One of the simple Twitter marketing rules that you need to keep in mind is: asking. That is a fact. When you build a large number of followers that want your content you should learn how to use them so that you can get the most out of your marketing methods. Let’s say that you have managed to grow your following to five thousand people in the “gardening” niche and you are sending out high quality information to them on a regular basis. Your followers love what you send out and are sending you positive feedback and responses. The next step for you is to ask your followers to retweet your tweets so that the information reaches more people (and you grow your list). I know that you are probably wondering why they would do that for you. The simple fact is that if you send out good information and you are actually helping people, your followers won’t mind sending your tweets on to their lists. However, if you do not ask to be retweeted it probably won’t happen. So, you need to be direct with your followers in every way that you can and ask that your tweets get re-sent; trust us, this will double the response you see.

One great way to succeed at Twitter marketing is to find potential customers according to what they’re into by using the search box. When you encounter people like this, use that opportunity to ask them if you can help them. People on Twitter tweet things like “I hate being fat” “want to learn guitar”, etc. When you find people like this, you will often catch them at a point where they will literally attempt anything to rid themselves of their problem. It’s not hard to approach these types of Twitterers. Follow them first, and wait for them to become your follower.

And the next step is to send them a personal message introducing yourself. Keep in mind that this first direct message shouldn’t include anything about the solution, but it may talk about the problem in general. You may want to hold off for a message or two to pass between the two of you before you bring up what you’re offering. This can create a sort of hype around your product and the customer will be very intrigued to learn more. You will not only sell more but you’ll get more converts, too.

Like we all know building a relationship with your Twitter followers is important. To do this for real, you need to analyze what your followers are interested in the most. Lots of people log in to Twitter hoping to find new surprising and shocking content. You will have to pay attention to the trends that your followers are watching. This might take you a little bit of time but if you pay attention you will eventually learn what kind of tweets get the best responses and start sending those out on a regular basis. Your main sales agenda should be giving your followers what they want instead of forcing them to live through tedious testing. All in all, these Twitter marketing tips should clearly illustrate that this unique platform can help you promote your products but you need to approach it correctly to get the response you want.

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