Use These Tips And Get Approved With Any CPA Networks

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The best CPA networks all work the same. Many people are turning to CPA marketing when it comes to marketing things online. In this article we will be discussing a few tips to help you get accepted in a CPA network.

You can get accepted to any CPA network you want to as long as you are familiar with what the word professional means. Lots of people are applying to these networks and they’re not getting in because they haven’t given the network a phone number that works. Out of all the things you’ll fill out on the CPA application form, your contact information is probably the most important. That’s because you will usually get a phone call and a message via email from the affiliate manager once you are in fact accepted. In cases where the affiliate manager has no way to get a hold of the affiliate, due to incorrect contact info on the application, the affiliate is usually denied. In addition, the contact number you give the CPA network should have a voice mail attached to it that sounds professionally made. After all, you don’t want the affiliate manager ringing your cell phone only to be exposed a bunch of rap music, as that will surely make you look as though you’re someone who doesn’t take their business seriously. CPA networks only want to work with people who can back up what they say. This is your chance to sell yourself and let the AM know you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed. One thing you can do is go for a number that’s virtual or disposable. These can be bought online and you could even forward a call from these numbers to your own phone. You can get a range of facilities with these places so that you can make the best impression possible. Keep in mind that all you’re looking to do is get accepted and then you won’t have to look back. Just ensure you’re using one of the best web hosting companies so you can handle the traffic to your sites.

What if you don’t own a website? You will need to manufacture one or you might have the affiliate manager believing that you’re fully capable of bringing lots of traffic. Without a website, you simply tell the affiliate manager that you’ll be using email promotions and that you don’t need a website. But this would be like doing a tight rope act and can be risky, since email marketers are highly scrutinized by affiliate managers. You need to be careful before you take this step, even though it’s worth it. You’ll have to let them know how you plan to use email and what would be your approach. You will also have to do some work in convincing the manager that no spamming whatsoever will be conducted that everything you do will be perfectly ethical. This may take a lot of work, and the manager may need serious convincing, but this is what you have to do if you aren’t going to create a site. Just let the manager know that a website isn’t needed because you’ll be using PPC advertising and you’ll be sending messages with links that lead directly to the offers themselves.

No matter what you convince the affiliate manager you’re going to be doing, make sure you realize that you’re able to promote your offers in many ways once you get approved.

It’s necessary to ensure that your AM can get a hold of you in more ways than one. The CPA network is likely to ask what your IM identification is. Don’t leave this with nothing in it and instead include your ICQ, Yahoo! as well as your AIM IDs so that the CPA network can have them. Also, make sure you create a screen name that sounds professional and that has something to do with your business, and keep all personal accounts separate. Doing that will help a bond to form between you and your affiliate manager, so that you two can go on to find success.

This information is just for getting approved with a CPA network, as there’s much more to this great form of internet marketing.


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