Video Streaming With the LG Ally

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One of the more popular features on cell phones these days are is the ability to stream videos. The LG Ally is extremely capable of this. Users are able to download their own videos from their desktop or laptop computer. Verizon also provides its impressive VCast video streaming application to allow users to choose from literally scores of different channels.

The LG Ally is one of the more impressive smart phones that Android created. As the first such Android made available and marketed within the United States, it proved to be the gateway super phone for many American consumers. one of the most outstanding features of the LG Ally is its ability to have Internet access, a high resolution touch screen, and a high resolution camera. Also, its ability to allow you to watch streaming video is another great thing about the LG Ally. You do not have to purchase any LG Ally accessories in order to access and use this feature. You will probably choose to get an LG Ally case anyway. It is also helpful to get the LG Ally screen protector, which will protect the viewing and touch screen. Of course, this isn’t actually required to watch streaming video.

You can also load up your own videos to your LG Ally from your laptop or desktop computer with a data cable. With a USB data cable, you can very easily transfer over all your files to your phone. All that you have to do is to connect the two ends of the cable and then use the My Computer interface to move videos from the computer by dragging and dropping them on the LG Ally removable device icon. The videos will transfer over quickly and be ready for immediate viewing on the LG Ally smart phone.

As I mentioned before, you can stream video from the Internet on the phone. This is accomplished via the V Cast service that is provided by Verizon Wireless. VCast is an impressive service that features not only clips of shows, but full episodes of your most beloved movies, television episodes, and sports that are live. This allows you to simply select one of the many television channels that VCast provides. BET, Animal Planet, Access Hollywood, ABC, ABC News, CBS News, CBS, CMT, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney Channel, ESPN, FOX, FOX News, FOX Sports, MTV, NBC, NBC News, Nickelodeon, Spike, TLC, and VH1 are all offered. With this wide variety of channels and a number of other ones, you are able to enjoy terrific family choices like SpongeBob and Hannah Montana. You can also catch all of the important college basketball and college football while you are on the go. You will not miss anything important in the weather or national news thanks to these streaming videos capability.

Music videos can also be streamed using the LG Ally smart phone. There is a whole music category that you can select from with the VCast program. Alternatively, you can watch one of the music video channels like MTV, VH1, or CMT. Either way, you will be able to enjoy high quality music videos while you listen to your favorite songs.

It is honestly quite amazing to see how far streaming video has taken the world by storm. The LG Ally was the first one in the States to really make full use of the streaming capabilities feature. This smart phone is certain to keep you entertained with a wide selection of high quality and diverse streaming video content. All users will find something to keep them interested on one of the many provided channels brought to you by Verizon Wireless’ VCast application.


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