Virtual Server Hosting or Shared Web Hosting?

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As web hosting evolves it is becoming increasingly more common that webmasters looking to save money use shared web hosting India have a great deal of companies offering amazing services and features for any budget. This however is not always the best choice as there is a lot of negative aspects of such hosting. As the web hosting industry progresses there are a plethora of options available one of which is Virtual Server Hosting. The service is a positive mix of the two ends of the spectrum, shared hosting and dedicated servers.

The low price and increased features and benefits of virtual server hosting make an ideal form of web hosting, India have many companies who are now offering such a service.

With the Virtual Server Hosting you are able to have a unique IP address as well as a private e-mail server. This will mean that you will not have your site find it gets blocked as spam because of another site on the same IP address. As a result this has been a big issue for many when using shared hosting.

The operating system is also customizable as it would be if you had decided upon a renting a dedicated server. It is great to be able to choose this while paying a lower price before you commit to dedicated servers.

Along with the other dedicated server like features some other benefits include increased site performance, a customizable firewall and improved security.

If you run a medium to large website and can’t afford the move to dedicated servers this may be a good middle ground for your web hosting, India offers many companies that will be happy to provide you with a package for a very competitive price.


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