Virtumonde: Delete This Threat Right Now

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Virtumonde is the name of a dangerous program that is causing lots of damages to computer’s users since a while. Others names for it are Vundo and Virtuemonde. Virtumonde has lots of variants. All of them coming with different ways to hurt PC users. The main thing Virtumonde wants to achieve is the promotion of a security related program. The way this Trojan will try to infect your system is using spam emails. Those emails will warn you about computer threats and you will get links where to get more infos about the whole thing. Here Virtumonde removal you will get more infos about how to remove this threat.

The moment you’ll click on any of those links, you will be redirected to compromised websites that will try to install Virtumonde unto your system. Once installed, the Trojan Virtumonde immediately disables the firewall and any other legitimate security software that may be installed or the system. Some variants will even totally delete from your PC any antivirus solutions you have installed. Virtumonde also changes the desktop background to a warning that states that the user should download and install specific rogue security software to protect their computer. It also changes the screensaver to the much-feared ‘blue screen’ of Windows, with a fake text warning that states that the user’s system is under attack from viruses and that they should immediately download and install a specific rogue security application. This website virus removal has pertinent infos about virus removal while this one computer repair is an online service ready to help you repair your PC.

Google searches conducted by the user will be redirected to malicious websites which promote rogue security software due to the Browser Helper Objects installed by Virtumonde. In order to block you from deleting it, Virtumonde will block or disable the Task Manager, the System Restore and also the Registry Editor.

Your computer will get hurt a lot by this dangerous application called Virtumonde. You should seeks ways to delete Virtumonde from your computer as soon as you think you are indeed infected with it. With the help of a good and legit security related program, simply do a full system scan of your system

To manually remove Virtumonde is also possible. This involves 3 steps; to unregisted the DLLs related to the Trojans, deleting its files and removing the registry entries also related to it. Before starting the manual removal, you have to restart your computer in Safe Mode.

After, you can deep scan your computer.  Then you can do a manual removal attempt or automatic one with a security related program once you have done the deep scan step.


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