Voltaic Solar Bags Are The Up To DatePortable Device Chargers

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If you enjoy solar power products then you have to take a look at what Voltaic Solar has come out with. They offer an assortment of various backpacks and messenger bags that charge your electronics with solar power. These solar bags are a great new technology giving you the capacity to always have power for all of your favorite devices regardless of where you are! The Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Bag, is powerful enough for charging your laptop with solar energy. This solar bag will also charge cell phones and you will never run out of music on your iPhone or iPod again. Nearly any other hand-held electronics can be charged from here also. Whether you are out sight-seeing the Grand Canyon when your digital camera’s battery dies or down by the pool with a dead cell phone battery, these Solar Bags have the resolution! A Voltaic Solar bag won’t keep you attached to an electric outlet.

They come with ten popular adaptor tips and a USB port which works with the majority of USB chargers like the ones that come with iPods and iPhones.

The Voltaic Solar Backpack with Silver Panels is not designed to charge laptops. It does come with a Li-Polymer battery charger that stocks backup power ready for overcast or rainy days. It has pockets and wire channels for numerous electronic devices. The strong solar panels are waterproof and scratch resistant, and the included battery pack can be charged using the USB Power Cable, making it just as convenient on the grid as off. The three independent panels operate to create 4 watts of electricity. This is double the amount of power that other typical solar chargers provide and sufficient to charge the majority of your mobile consumer electronics.

The Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag, is the first solar bag that is strong enough to charge your laptop. It is engineered with recycled PET soda bottles, which makes it durable and water-resistant. The solar cells it uses are high efficiency and feature a custom designed battery pack to systematically store and transform the generated power. It will also charge cell phones, iPhones, iPods, and most any other handheld devices. The battery pack that is included is equivalent to a average laptop charger. It stores the electricity and instantaneously distributes the needed amount of energy. The bag includes all the common adaptors for making sure you have connection to laptops, cell phones, the new iPad, iPhone4, iPod Touch, and any other portable device. A USB or car charger is included with every Generator Laptop bag.

The Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag with Silver Panels is a transportable power generator. It is double the energy of standard solar messenger bags so it packs four watts of power for your portable devices like mp3 players, cell phones, PDAs, and two way radios helping them charge in a fraction of the usual time it takes other messenger bags. It is outfitted with strong solar panels that are mounted to the outside of a zipper pocket and are waterproof. This large solar messenger bag includes room for files or a laptop. Though not intended for charging a laptop, this solar messenger bag does come with a car adaptor and a Li Ion battery pack for storing extra power when the sun isn’t shining.

Voltaic’s Converter Bag with silver panels also is a versatile solar backpack for charging your handheld electronics. Its great for outdoors when biking, hiking or just hitting the city streets because it is a small featherweight day bag with a compartment for a water bottle. These waterproof solar panels are scratch resistant and UV resistant and create up to 4 watts of power. It is comprised of an aluminum and plastic composite which is specifically designed to be durable and lightweight. Voltaic Solar Backpacks easily stand up to typical outdoor use including being dropped and leaned on. It will charge most handheld portable devices although it is not for charging laptops.

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