Want Farmville XP? 7 Ways To Get These Points

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Online games are a neat way to interact  with friends while winding down  from a nerve-racking day at work . They can pull you away from  your troubles  and give you great pleasure  right from the comfort of your favorite cozy chair . The game of the moment which is really taking the online world by storm is Farmville. To get the most out of the game, it is important  to know the value of Farmville XP and the different ways  to get it. 
What is Farmville XP?  
XP stands for experience points. When playing Farmville, you have different tasks to carry out, each of which when completed will give you experience points . Not every task will give you the same amount of points . These experience points are added up and calculated to determine what level of the game you are at. Upon completing levels, you are awarded the highly sought after farm cash. 
What are the ways to get these points?  
1.Plowing plots.

For every plot you plow you gain  a  point. While it might seem easy to just plow all day, this can take time and costs coin to do . You can only plow so much and you will run out of land, coin, and even fuel. 
2. Planting seeds.

Different seeds on the market will give you different amounts of XP. For instance , for each plot of strawberries you plant, you will gain 1 experience point. For soybeans you can get 2. While you may be thinking soybeans are the way to go, in reality  you can get more from doing several planting of berries per day, because the soybeans will take a full 24 hours to mature.  
3. Fertilize.

Once you get a few neighbors on Farmville , you will  see them at the bottom of your play window. If you click  on their pictures you can visit  their farms. When you go, you may see some bags of fertilizer pop up in the upper left corner. Hover over their plots of land and just click down to fertilize their crops. You will get 1 XP for every plot you finish. But do remember , you will only be given 5 bags of fertilizer. 
4. Get fertilized.

If your friends come to fertilize your crops, you get an extra XP when you harvest . When you are prompted on the game after a planting to ask for some help from your friends, don’t feel bad about it – that is what they are there for.  
5. Watch the feeds.

now and then you will see a giant yellow star on the feed that says “Get help on your farm” or some variant of this . When you see that star, definitely do  click it and collect. It may  contain 100 experience points. That one click is much faster  than fertilizing 100 crops for your friends. 
6. Get ribbons.

For each ribbon you get, you get some bonus points thrown in  as well. This can be as much as  250 XP just for buying, selling, collecting, and doing other things required to keep your farm in good shape . 
7. Spend coin.

Some buildings can give you a thousand points per buy. These will cost a lot of coin, but coin is easily made in just a few good harvests. If you are bordering on  moving up a level and need just a little  more farm cash, go find some things to purchase  in the market. 
Experience points are  needed to level up in Farmville. The amount required  becomes higher and higher the longer you play the game, but can be simple to do when you know these ways . Take some  time to really look at the right crops, watch the feeds, get some ribbons, and spend that coin. You’ll astonish your friends at how fast  you surpass them with your ability to get the most Farmville XP.



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