Web Hosting Terms That Are Worth Knowing

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It is highly likely that you will come across some new terms when you first start looking into finding a web hosting provider. Below is a list of some of the terms that you might come across in your research into web hosting.


Applet You might have a small program called an applet on your webpage. It is there to perform a particular task and is normally written in Java script. A movie or an audio stream are examples of an applet.


Audio Streaming When audio is sent over the internet it is known as audio streaming. If you want to use audio streaming you will need to think carefully about the web host you choose as it uses quite a bit of bandwidth.


Chat Server A chat server will allow you to create your own chat room. This kind of interactional space is not possible to create with every single web hosting provider.


Click through rate If you are thinking of using your website as a business you will find click through rate very important. An explanation of click through rate is the average number of people who will get to your site after they have clicked on an advertisement. If you use another website to place a banner ad and out of every 100 visitors, 5 people click the banner to get to your site, your click through rate would be 5%. Of course the higher the click through rate, the better for your website.


Control Panel a control panel is your way to control certain aspects of your website. Most web hosts will provide you with a control panel when you sign with them; it is an application that opens up on your computer.


Data Transfer Data transfer is what is known as the amount of data that is transferred from your web host’s server directly to the computer of the visitor to your website.


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