Webtailers Taking Over Beauty Products Industry

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Decisions on what you put on your body are just as important as what you put in your body. For too long  , brick and mortar retailers have henpecked this market, fundamentally by reducing the amount of choices you have so that you make a purchase decision.

When web retailers came out in the 90′s, consumers were overcome by all the choices. It was too much choice for many , and consumers  shied away from what would become the foundation  of business in the future.

Even when discount beauty products were being offered, customers were choosing their local retailer over Internet retailers .

As the years have dragged on and we reach past the decade mark of the emergence of these webtailers, consumers are more and more asking for  this level of choice, pushing the brick and mortar businesses to the brink of extinction.

While the “Credit Crunch” phase of this recession is over, credit for businesses large and small is still hard to get. Even when businesses have accession to capital, the terms are commonly strict and unforgiving.

In response, businesses have reduced their stock to as little as possible, but this adds to their “technology crises” in which web retailers are providing the same service for the same or a lower price. This in addition to the fact that consumers no longer have to leave their home and spend gas money to find a product, they can find it at home  and have it delivered to their door.

With the addition of sites that have discount beauty supplies, brick and mortar businesses are feeling lots of pressure  .

Even the biggest retailers have continually dropped  their selection of beauty products, with the exception of adding a “natural” section to satiate current trends. While their tactic works well in a seller’s market, this is a buyer’s market, and the buyer knows more and more they can go online and look through all the products in the world, quite literally.

All these trends add up to a new economic standard, one that includes an online superstore, superb customer service, and technological innovations to make up for the lack of a brick and mortar establishment.


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