Western Digital WD TV Live Review

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Okay! Here goes my go gadget review. I am release to tell about a very cool bit of technology innovation called Western Digital WD Live TV  histrion. A small cute device that is going to change the way you viewed connected media before!

 I was actually skeptical if any of his reasoning was going to even convince me on this. But this time, it was the product that convinced me! I’d not say that it’s a gadget you can’t live without, but I’d emphatically say its worth every cent for its versatility.

Live streaming from YouTube, Flickr, Pandora, and Live365. What’s more here?? You can login to your personal accounts in these internet media sites and play just your favorites! (Unfortunately Netflix and Picasa are missing.)

Comes with a good remote realize.


Yeah it does have few hitches.

1.  I personally had this problem (I had one Win7 laptop and one Win XP laptop – WD in fact offered to take the device back as they couldn’t say why I couldn’t connect to the networked laptops. Thankfully I had sensation enough to Google for the final result and we were able to do the network media sharing!)

2. No constitutional wireless connectivity. But this can be excused as streaming media over the network is better when its wired rather than wireless. (We did try the Wireless-N adapter, but it flora pretty good as our router is also 802.11 draft2 N class – but definitely not as good as having it hard connected). 

Final Word:

This all in one wonder box is sure enough worth the money and will have you hooked on to it. Its a real piece of entertainment – Go for it! Its time for you to experience the good things that come in this small package.

Television is now following a similar development, albeit in a roundabout fashion. circularise TV started out as free to its TV audience. With just a few channels in any given broadcasting area, advertising rates were high and very profitable. But then Cable TV, and after Satellite Dish online TV, arrived with dozens of channels beingness made useable to the average viewer. This caused advertising rates per viewer to start falling like phone rates.

This bestowed a problem for Broadcast TV since their economic model did not let them compete well against Cable TV or Satellite Dish TV who charged monthly viewer fees. At first, viewers were willing to pay these monthly fees since they could get 10 times more channels than Broadcast internet TV could supply.


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