What are The Different Parts of Dress Shirts?

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 Dress shirts are a complex work of art with various parts, although it may look so simple.    One of the most difficult items to sew are the mens dress shirts.   For this is designed to perfectly fit the chest, neck, sleeves and the back of the person wearing.  If you go for a tailored fit custom dress shirts, knowing its parts can help you and the tailor understand what exactly you want to have. 

“Fabric”, is the cloth or material that makes-up your dress shirts. The fabric commonly used in shirts is cotton. Cotton is breathable which gives the wearer comfort, even if he will top it with a suit and tie. The fabric actually differs in quality according to the variety of thread counts.

“Buttons”, is an essential accessory used to fasten the dress shirts. The mother-of-pearl buttons are the standard button used for dress shirts, while the plastic buttons are avoided as they easily crack and fell off.

“Collar”, it is where the neck and face are defined.  The collar comes in a variety of styles according to the facial features and the type of tie used.   The stitches along its sides are important as it would help the collar become stiff and neatly put in place.

“Collar Point”, is the part of a collar resting in front of the dress shirt. Collar points come in different angles and styles. Some have buttons while others don’t have. Some are with narrowed, while some are slightly curved.

“Front Center Placket”, is the area down the center of the dress shirts where buttonholes are placed.

“Sleeves”, it has either a long sleeves or short sleeves.  The short sleeves are more casual to look at while the long sleeves are more formal in nature. 

“Cuff”, is the barrel closure of the sleeves where buttons are placed.

“Yoke”, is the fabric that goes across the back of the shoulders.  The yoke is usually made of two sheets of fabric, especially for most custom made shirts.   These panels will allow the tailor to adjust the dress shirts to get a perfect fit.


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