What consist a great gaming server host

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Gamers and clans will be constantly looking for better game server providers. But what defines the quality? Well a wide range of things like price, support, ping and network and server hardware.

The price

Price is only relative to what you get from a company. If you go budget then expect no frills and not a lot else. Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent cheap hosts but also some I would not touch if you paid me! People say if you pay more then you get better quality and this is often the case but with game servers is not always true.


I certainly do not enjoy things going wrong. So we like to know that someone is on hand for when it all goes pear shaped. When it comes to support you want a swift response and for that response to come when your wanting it. If your server ends up with a hardware issue then avoid companies who use middle men. Many companies rent servers from another company who rent them from someone else who rent the rack space from someone else and they then rent from the data centre. That is a simple case it quite often involves many more. So you want to speak to the hosting company who will then deal with it as otherwise you can be waiting days. Support hours are critical for gamers they don’t want business hours. Yes 9 -5 is great for business not for gamers, they want afternoons evenings and weekends. You end up waiting and twiddling your thumbs while the next working day roles round to get a response  for help with your Counter-Strike Source server.

Server spec

Single core processers may well of done the job fine five years ago not now, if you’re not on a duel core server with 4gb of RAM then be prepared for a potentially laggy ride! Though don’t think a company is loading their Call of Duty 4 hosting relative to what they can take. But a budget provider will over sell so at 2 in the afternoon might be fine but come peak gaming will be unplayable. So do your research and ask for a test server or test IPs, if you know the companies entire IP range then pop it in game monitor and hand pick servers yourself to try.

Network connection

Gamers always want no lag but this will be almost impossible to do but getting a low ping is best. Companies all go on about each game server on a 100mbit or 1gbit port etc this is not the important number. It’s what the link between their core switch to their upstream transit provider is. As the server might be able communicate with the other servers they host quickly but if they only have a 10mbit connection to the internet it may be a little slow.


Read testimonials left for a company on there forums but also search the internet for them these can paint a different picture. Some companies like to be open about testimonials and will leave bad feedback on there forums as they are only human at the end of the day.


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