What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Storage And Bandwidth Really Mean

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People who have been looking for a web hosting provider will almost certainly have come across offers of unlimited storage space and bandwidth. And when you think that two of the most important factors when choosing a web host are bandwidth and storage space, these offers can be very attractive. Services that only offer a limited amount of either of these things might not be such a good choice because there may come a point when you will need to have more. So then we are left with two choices; pay for a more advanced service with our current host or change to another web hosting provider. So no wonder the thoughts of unlimited storage space and bandwidth can be very attractive.


The Truth About Unlimited Storage And Bandwidth.


‘Unlimited’ storage and bandwidth is just a gimmick that web hosts use to entice customers to sign up with them. There really is no such thing as an unlimited amount of either one of these things. Most web hosting providers will have a get out clause in the small print of their terms of service. They base their business model on the average customer who will never ever use the amount of storage space or bandwidth that is on offer. There is always going to be a lot of redundancy because most customers over estimate the amount that they need and the provider knows this. ‘All you can eat’ buffet restaurants are a good comparison to this kind of deal. They know how much the average person will eat and so it doesn’t matter if a few people eat a lot more than this. And there are some people who won’t even eat the average amount.


Even though you have been offered unlimited bandwidth and storage from your web hosting provider, you may find that you become too big for them one day. At that time the web host will have no problem informing you about the limitations to unlimited web hosting.


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