What is Spyware and How to Protect Against It

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Spyware is very widespread on the internet and you need to know how to block it. Spyware is a malicious piece of software that is installed on computers for the purpose of obtaining information about the computer user. The spyware program collects this data without the user being aware, the user in most instances, will not be aware that spyware is even installed on their computer. But some Spyware will spawn pop-ups and interfere with computer usage.

Spyware can collect user information, screenshots, web sites visited, keystrokes and much more. In many cases, There are many times when the Spyware will also interfere with the computer settings. It can redirect certain webpages, change the browser homepage, install other Spyware and it can drastically reduce your PC performance.

Detecting and Removing Spyware

Unfortunately, Spyware can be very difficult to detect. Unless you are a compting expert, you probably have no idea about Spyware and if it plagues your PC. Getting rid of spyware can be even more difficult. It often recreates itself on startup and is very tricky to remove completely. It also adds itself to the Windows Registry, which no user should modify, unless they are an expert.

The only recommended method for detecting and removing spyware is with the use of third party tools. There are many programs available on the market, from FREE to very costly. Most products will do a great job, but generally you will need more than one anti-Spyware product to be totally safe.

For keeping your PC completely free of Spyware, we recommend XoftSpySE and PC Tools Internet Security Suite. Both of these are free downloads and you can scan your PC right now to ensure it is free from Spyware and other Malware. You can find these anti-spyware tools here, for free download. These programs will also block further infections, keeping your PC safe into the future.

Points for preventing Spyware:

  • Be careful which websites you visit
  • Never install untrusted activeX or .exe files from the internet
  • Never open email attachments unless you are 110% sure it is OK and from a sender you trust
  • Always use firewall software
  • Always lock your computer when you are away from it

We recommend that you scan your PC on a very regular basis. It is impossible to know when Spyware will infect your computer, and some of it can be very harmful. Stay Safe! Learn more about removing Spyware.


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