What You Need To Know About Link Directories

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Every website owner dreams of getting to the top position in the search engine results pages to increase the visibility of his site over the internet and to increase the amount of traffic that goes to his website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and M.S.N. are where people type in words to find things online, so your website must appear there whenever they search for something related to your niche. Although web search engines keep the exact computation of a website’s popularity a secret, the common idea is that the page rank is a link analysis algorithm determined by one of the most popular search engines, google.

A link directly is one of the places where you can set up your links. Search engine-friendly internet directory adds links to websites including yours. Search engines can detect links, so if you have a lot of these links scattered in link directories all over the net, you have a good chance of increasing your page rank.

Generally, people submit their websites to a link index to increase the traffic and revenue of a website.. Here are some ways to select the best link directories to join.

A link index should be visible to search-engines. You should always remember that your link will only be crawled by search engine spiders if it is located on a page that is also search-engine friendly You don’t want to be included in a directory that is considered as “bad neighborhood” by search engines. Also, check the page rank of the link directory you want to join so that you know it’s a good place for your link to be.

Most of the best link directories online are free to join. Some of these free directories, however, have high standards. Dmoz.org, for example, is extremely picky with which links get presented on their pages. Some directories accept payment in exchange of links. Almost all web directories have moderators. If you send your link for approval, someone will go to your website and judge if it’s worth listing in the directory

A search engine-friendly internet index should have a good design. The link directory you will join should not be full of flashing banners and ads that distract users and search engine robots. A good link directory should be designed in such a way that most of the links are easily accessible to robots and humans.

Ideally, a good link directory must list web site links by category and subcategory. This kind of hierarchy should be clearly visible on the sidebar for users to browse. Navigation from one category to another category should be easy for any user. Links should also be in a bright color, in bold and underlined; a format that is different from the other text elements on a page.

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