Why majority of email marketers fail?

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So you have yet again spent sleepless nights designing that perfect direct marketing campaign that you have happily shared with your contact list. How many do you really believe would have gone through it? Studies show that majority of people do not trouble to read the emails or simply these mails are sent directly to the junk folder. Your tireless attempt would all be wasted when things like this happen. This is mainly because you do not have proper direct marketing strategies when it comes to being an affiliate seller.

One of the central reasons why majority of email marketers fail is because they do not have a pointed opt-in emailing list. You may have prospects that have not put your mails to the junk folder, but prospects are that they are unread.

If you want to increase the replies you get, there are reliable direct marketing strategies that you can use. One is you build or use a targeted emailing list. Instead of targeting the whole country, focus on a particular audience such as a State and deliver the message to them. Although this may sound easy, you need to do your research before determining your target market. This way, you will be a proud owner of a highly targeted email list

One of the other direct marketing strategies you could use is to get the prospects permission. In order to do this, you must get them to fill out a lead capture form. In other words, this is called an ‘opt-in’ process, a part of email marketing. There are many companies today that grab email addresses from classified ad networks and other methods of social media. If you are determined in carrying out a legitimate business, then you ought to get the needed permission to make these direct marketing strategies work.

Direct marketing strategies such as utilizing an action-provoking subject line could directly enhance your risks with Future leads. Boring subject lines never work and such emails are usually cancelled without a second glance. A catchy subject line almost always does the trick on email helping you to increase leads.

For instance, a subject line such as ‘get 100 leads inside 24 hours’ is better and compelling as opposed to a boring subject line that says ‘ pointed opt-in email list for direct marketing’. It is certaint that all these direct marketing schemes will serve you in many ways as opposed to where you will be without any schemes.


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