Why the HTC Evo is a Unique Smart Phone

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The HTC EVO is the world’s first 4G smart phone that runs on the Android platform. As a 4th generation technology mobile device, the EVO is a unique phone that offers capabilities not found even on its more well-known competitors. The Sprint 4G systems used on the EVO provides a higher capacity broadband capability than the older 3G mobile devices including the iPhone. The Evo is the first phone that enables the user to video chat without having to be on a Wi-Fi connection. The 4G networks is about 10 times faster than the conventional 3G connection. The only setback of the 4G network is that it isn’t available in as many states as 3G is.

About 30 countries offered 4G networks in 2010 and 15 more countries are due to come online. The great thing about this device is that when 4G networks are not available users will still be able to connect to the available 3G network. With the Hot-Spot feature users are able to share their 4G network with up to eight other devices. This means that you are able to connect a laptop as well as other devices to your 4G connection. A 4G linkage is similar in speed to a cable modem or DSL connection for your personal computer. It also compliments the high bandwidth internet capacity with its super fast 1 GHz processor.

Because of the strong processor, users will enjoy a better experience when it comes to heavy duty tasks such as video chat and gaming. The HTC EVO is the first device to use Qualcomm’s 1 GHz SnapDragon processor, which was specifically designed for 4G phones. EVO’s CPU works together with 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of internal data storage to provide premium performance. There is also an 8 GB SD card for memory expansion. The extra large 4.3 inch touch screen allows user to take full advantage of the outstanding 720p resolution . The Evo’s touch screen is reported to be the largest currently out in the market. A kickstand also helps to make for a more enjoyable viewing experience and the automated focusing system brings images and text into proper focus without additional manual effort.

Apart from having a really fast processor and being on the 4G network, the Evo also has many other unique features. It has 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back. The main camera is found in the usual position while the secondary camera is front facing. The main camera has 8 MP with flash and the ability to record HD video. The second camera has only a 1.3 MP and is more for video chat and other similar activities.

The HTC EVO smart phone is definitely a unique product on the market due to its 4G capability, high quality SnapDragon processor and huge touchscreen. Not everyone may need a phone with such capabilities but if you use your phone to access the internet frequently, the EVO is certainly an option to look into for the future And although not many will require a device with such features, it is definitely worth looking into it for the future. The phone is particularly useful for those who wish to take advantage of live video chat, video conferencing and similar video-based activities that require a fast 4G connection to work properly. Once you have acquired the phone, you can shop for HTC EVO accessories online using major search engines. Enter search terms like HTC EVO case or HTC EVO batteries to find a wide selection of web sites that offer such accessories.


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