Why You Need A WordPress Blog In Business Today

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A business may look at the more recent media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and wonder whether there’s even a use for company blogs any longer. But previous experience has shown that there is still a place for such a tool. In the past, many companies recognized that their websites were not very friendly to customers, as they looked more like pages from their Annual Reports than anything else.

When they changed their sites, often including a blog, customers began to respond enthusiastically and a new interaction was born. It’s a well known fact in the business blogosphere that Dell Computers led the way, being one of the very first companies to make such a change. Even though Dell had become a very successful organization, a barrier still existed between the company and its consumers, many of whom had quite frustrating complaints that were not being attended to. However when Dell set up to receive blog comments, the turnaround in its relationship with customers was remarkable. General Motors, too, had a comparable experience.

Blogs can even work in tandem with email newsletters. Businesses need to engage customers in several ways. If it’s updated regularly, the blog can provide fresh information that won’t vanish down the page quite so quickly, say, as the more ephemeral tweets on Twitter. Up-to-date business news can be posted in a friendly, casual fashion, allowing customers to ask questions or make suggestions. And their remarks won’t vanish down the page either. Businesses do need to be careful about raising customers’ expectations, however. Even though an almost one-on-one relationship might be possible between a small business and its customers, larger companies may not be able to respond to all inquiries or issues, and this could hurt its good reputation if the company is not careful.

A Blog Is A Fantastic Internal Communication Tool

An additional use for a blog, and one that businesses might not even think about at first, is for internal communication. Despite the fact that employees can keep in touch by means of email, meetings or conference calls, an internal blog can concentrate on one department or a single project, supplying a main place for a group to receive frequent updates or make an informal report of their advancements. This will keep these employees up to date without their own email inbox piling up to an unmanageable level.

Blogging Became Much Easy With Blogging Applications Like WordPress

Even though blogs are now in many ways less active, they still have a purpose in giving up-to-date business information and news to customers and getting feedback from them.

Belonging to the more tried and true internet establishment, they provide information in a more permanent form than other media, yet allow a business to remain in fruitful, friendly contact with its customers.


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