Why You Should Purchase Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Are you looking into buying new luxury bedding for yourself? If so you should give Egyptian cotton sheets a try.

They’re a little more expensive than regular sheets, but it’s not because you’re getting gypped out of your money.

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the highest quality cotton in the world, and as such is only used in top luxury brands to create soft, durable bedding that you’ll grow to love over the years.

 What sets Egyptian cotton apart from other strains of cotton is the fiber and the way that it’s harvested.

The cotton from Egypt has a longer, stronger, thinner fiber than the fibers of cottons from other parts of the world. The thread can be spun into very fine yarns still maintaining the original strenght. You get a higher thread count in a fabric that will last for decades. Whereas cotton is usually harvested with machines, in Egypt cotton it is still hand harvested. Mechanical harvesting yanks at the plants and ruin the integrity of the fibers right off the bat. In Egypt howerver cotton is still harvested following a centuries old tradition. The plant is handled gently from the beginning and is always treated with care so as to protect its integrity.

Since the plant itself is of such high quality, only top manufacturers use it to make the finest and best fabrics and products on the market. Egyptian cotton is considered very luxurious and so you’ll always be sure that what you purchase is well worth it.

 Another benefit of this product is the fact that this cotton is proven to be more absorbent than others. You get brighter, deeper colors with Egyptian cotton than you would see with any other fabric, and because they are held so well, they won’t fade as quickly with washing.

If you’re still thinking that these sheets are generally too expensive for you to consider buying, remember that Egyptian cotton is the most durable cotton available. Because the threads are so durable, your sheets will become softer and more comfortable with every wash without losing their integrity. Instead of wearing out they become softer. You’ll use them for decades without ever having to worry about buying new bedding.

This fabric doesn’t pill or tear of rip the way other fabrics will. It’s smart to spend the money just once but to spend well, and then enjoying the softness and luxury of sleeping on such high quality sheets every night. If you’re going to buy some sheets, invest in high quality Egyptian cotton sheets. They’ll last a long time, only getting softer and better with age, they’ll retain their color, and you’ll never regret the purchase. You’ll look forward to getting into your bed every night! 


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