World Wide Web & aggressive seo tactics

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Using search engine optimisation for one-way link construction is the most important factor for getting a high keyword ranking. Because search engines list their results  according to link popularity  , SEO positioning should be your number one strategy for high pagerank.

SEO Tip #1

When utilizing an aggressive linking campaign, don’t start linking into multiple domain networks which are all hosted on the same server or buying a series of links hosted within a single IP addresses. What your website needs are natural links that will be gained over a period of time. One of the best ways to achieve this is to comment on do-follow blogs (not spamming, but commenting on a few per day ) where your website link is naturally growing.

SEO Tip #2

The pagerank quality of those sites you want to link to you must appear natural to the search engines. Be careful to not only link to sites with a high page rank of 8 or 9. You should also seek links from a good range of sites with both high and low page rank values. This is in particular the case for new sites and submitting articles to the various article directories will achieve this.

SEO Tip #3

Try looking at your link campaign from a purely scientific view. Basically,  Basically, you need to look in to what your visitors are looking for and what phrases they are using to find them. There are many keyword programs out there to help with this, but the Google Keyword tool is amongst the best  . Once you have determined your highest value phrases, you then apply those phrases in the anchor text you request from your link partners. Using this method allows you to request links based on the highest Return Of Investment (ROI), as well as appearing natural to the search engine spiders.

By applying the strategies above, you will attain a linking campaign that is both relevant and highly targeted to your main search phrases. Link quality is far more important than link quantity and anchor text is more important than pagerank.. We have tried it with our SEO south devon site and it works.


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