Young Americans are digging internet TV big time

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When it comes to young americans, Internet television is getting the big thumbs up and are increasingly watching live internet TV shows via the internet sort of than the traditional (old fashioned) ways.
The report by Solutions Research Group conducted with 1200 people in November 2008 shows that young Americans in the 18-34 age group 70% have indulged in some Internet TV viewing, which compares favorably with 36% who have used a hardware recorder such as TiVo to view TV content.
Interestingly, Americans who watch online TV has doubled during two years. In fact half of all US Internet users have viewed television shows online which is a massive rise from 2006, when it was only a quarter of internet users.

It was found that female persons tend to go school principal to the major network’s website as 54% of network visits are female, average age 39. This could be due to the fact that popular shows with women such as ABC shows ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ are not distributed widely other than the network’s own website.

 They do have their uses, but the main drawbacks are that your IP address is recorded which may come vback to haunt you. Plus the fact that the download speeds sometimes crawl along or stop whole.

I was therefore interested to hear about Alternative and anonymous Downloading from a website called Usenext. This is a Usenet service
So what is Usenet i hear you ask? Well basically it is a Newsgroup or group that has noone in charge. It is not just a file sharing program and it has been around since before the internet and works in a unlike way to the net. So we have observed that Usenet is not:-
not a P2P network.not a forum.not chat software.not the Internet.not censored.not illegal.not a Torrent site

 Erm. So what is it then? Well basically it provides users an area to post in discussion boards messages and or files. The groups cover many topics. And because your activities on these groups are unmonitored its prayer is pretty high
UseNeXT have software that makes it easy for anyone to browse the millions of topics/discussions happening in the Usenet and find what you require. UseNeXT’s software automatically uses a fast delivery server, allowing you to download anything from Usenet at your Internet connection’s level best speed. Plus, you are also barred that there will be no limitations when it comes to your download rate. The great thing about Usenet is that there are no restrictions on place?”, so users can post massive files to share.

 So basically you get an outright mutually exclusive at the fastest speed with no tracking of your IP. It is much Charles Herbert Best and consistent at downloading than peer-2-peer or torrent sites. And an special 56Use fillip is that you don’t have to share. So at last your able to make the full use out of your high speed internet connection. You can really leave download at maximum speed with no restrictions on download speeds.


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