Your Business Information is Only as Secure as Your Server Backup Software Allows

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Crucial Server Software

A business server is the heart of any business. Try to picture your business without the data on your server. Your computer network holds all of your payroll, accounting, personnel, sales and marketing data. Without your network and the information on it, you and your business would be lost. That is why server backups are so imperative.

There are a few methods of server backups that businesses perform, and they often involve getting the information down to one medium or another. Some businesses back up to DVD, some to tape and others still use CD. What about your daily information? What about the information that you and your employees create each day that keeps your company going? Don’t forget the many, and necessary, emails that get stored on your server too. Could your company survive knowing that your customer information could disappear at a moment’s notice and any data put in that day would be gone?

You invest a lot of cash in server software. There is your server’s operating system, anti-virus software and networking software just as a start. As you consider your server software budget do not forget about regular server backups. The backup server software you buy will be responsible for saving that information daily that makes it to the tape or CD for archived backup. The backup software you use must be reliable and known as an industry leader in protecting your information. That is why your backup software must be ShadowProtect.

With ShadowProtect you can aggrange for frequent backups many times a day and protect your business’s crucial data. The program runs in the background and does not bog down your server’s speed at all. The most secure part about ShadowProtect is that it does an image of the whole disk. You don’t have to pick and choose your necessary files. With ShadowProtect, you can defend the whole hard drive.

All of your critical data is safe including your applications, network software and operating system. If the network software corrupts and crashes the network, all you need is a rebuild from ShadowProtect to get your business up and going again.

If you run a business then you can’t afford to operate without ShadowProtect. This kind of information backup is critical in the daily operation of your business. It can mean the difference between making that necessary deadline or getting days behind because critical information was lost. When it comes to investing in backup software like ShadowProtect, it is something that your business cannot afford not to do.


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